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5 signs that you’ve cruised many times.

1. You know the location of all of the public restrooms on the ship! 

2. You know crew members by name, and more importantly, they know you! Nothing makes me happier than when a crew member says, “Mr. Scott…..Welcome back!!!!” 

3. You bring a small cooler for ice instead of using that small ice bucket! If you’re like my wife Marty, you love to have lots of ice at the ready. That little ice bucket doesn’t cut it!!!

4. You aren’t afraid to endulge with desserts, but you know that you must take the steps instead of the elevator! Remember to return from your cruise as a passenger, not as cargo!

5. You listen to Cruise Radio. My good friend Doug Parker merged his love (and passion) for cruising and radio by creating Cruise Radio. He brings the latest cruise news, reviews and interviews to his massive audience. Tune in at http://www.cruiseradio.net.

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