The facts about cruise ship transfers

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We’ve all heard that it’s best to arrive at your cruise port at least one day prior to your cruise.

Trust me, I’ve heard many stories of people who have missed their cruise due to unforeseen circumstances; a traffic disaster on I95, it was snowing in Chicago so the plane was delayed, or little Timmy got the mumps.

Also, consider the stress placed on Dad who has spent thousands of dollars for this vacation, only for it to be ruined.

The one topic I thought that I would never have a problem with was transfers offered by the cruise line.

Keep in mind that flight times may change, so if you have purchased transfers with the cruise line, you need to check their specific policy to see when you can in fact cancel those transfers and not be charged.

You would think that you change them up to 48 hours prior to your cruise, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

So lesson learned.

If your travel plans change at the last minute, you may be stuck with the transfers you purchased with the cruise line.

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