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Key differences between Nieuw Amsterdam and Eurodam!

Marty and I enjoyed a 7 day cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam from Nov 4-11th (cabin 4127 obstructed view) and then the Eurodam Nov 26-Dec 3rd (cabin 4125 obstructed view).

I noticed a few differences I wanted to share:

1. While both ships had the amazing BB Kings band, the Eurodam also had billboard onboard and Lincoln Center Stage.

2. I don’t recall the Nieuw Amsterdam having USB ports, but the Eurodam did!

3. On Eurodam, you can switch from bathtub water to shower water by adjusting the water on/off knob. On Nieuw Amsterdam, there is a silver knob on top of the faucet to flip the water to shower mode!

4. On Eurodam they replaced the Northern Lights disco with an amazing Gallery Bar with lots of comfy chairs, art work and multiple televisions playing sports programs. Yes, there is also a bar!

The Nieuw Amsterdam is scheduled for dry dock Dec 7-19 so I’m sure many features will be upgraded!

Stay tuned for more updates from our Eurodam cruise!

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