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Great hack for your next cruise!

You know it, I know it, and the American people know it! You’re bound to spill something on your clothes on a cruise!!! My wife Marty came up with this great hack! 1. Spot clean your garments or soak them in the tub with high quality detergent! 2. After you …

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Carnival announces “clearer” boarding pass

On December 8, 2017, you will see a big change to your Carnival boarding pass. This “clearer” boarding pass prominently displays your boarding time and most importantly, the final boarding time for your cruise! Remember, you still need to bring your passport, (or certified birth certificate for closed-ended U.S. cruises) …

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5 signs that you’ve cruised many times.

1. You know the location of all of the public restrooms on the ship!  2. You know crew members by name, and more importantly, they know you! Nothing makes me happier than when a crew member says, “Mr. Scott…..Welcome back!!!!”  3. You bring a small cooler for ice instead of …

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Key differences between Nieuw Amsterdam and Eurodam!

Marty and I enjoyed a 7 day cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam from Nov 4-11th (cabin 4127 obstructed view) and then the Eurodam Nov 26-Dec 3rd (cabin 4125 obstructed view). I noticed a few differences I wanted to share: 1. While both ships had the amazing BB Kings band, the …

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An amazing cruise on the Eurodam!

Marty and I just returned from a great cruise on the Holland America Eurodam. We were happy that the atrium was decorated for Christmas. Stay tuned to my blog over the next couple of days for my updates on St. Thomas, Grand Turk and other cool stuff. Scott Lara @scottlara1961 …

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