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Why use a travel agent?

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Back in my day, you could find a travel agent on every corner, but due to technology, many of them have been driven out of business.

Many consumers are now going online to big travel websites in the hopes of saving each and ever cent on their cruise.

The fact of the matter is you can book through one of those sites every day, but what happens when you have 10,230 questions?

Is this the right ship for me? Will my kids like it? Where does the ship go? 

Mostly likely, travel agents like myself have probably sailed on the ship you are considering for your cruise vacation!

Here’s the dealio:

  1. A travel agent wants your repeat business and word of mouth advertising, so he (or she) will go out of their way to make sure you have a great vacation.
  2.  A travel agent will answer each and everyone of your questions.
  3. A travel agent will answer questions you would never think of asking!
  4. A travel agent will recommend travel insurance so that you won’t have any surprises.
  5. A travel agent will save you money and help you get the best deal and freebies.

So it’s up to you. All I ask is that you not call a travel agent and ask your questions only to hang up after you’ve spent an hour on the phone.

The travel agent is counting on your business if you take the time to call him, and it’s just plain wrong to get all that free info only to turn around and jump on a travel website and book it there with 3 clicks of the mouse.

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As Summer Approaches, it’s time to cruise!

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I’ve been a travel agent for over 10 years, and I have to say that 2017 is a very different than years past.

Many new and exciting ships are on the way, but most of them will be carrying thousands of passengers each, which makes the cruise experience less traditional than “back in MY day!”


Back in my day, the cruise experience seemed to be more elegant. Fewer kids running wild, better service, better food and fewer people.

Today you have people getting up at 4:30 a.m. to reserve prime deck chairs, you have kids running wild while parents are nowhere to be found, and it’s more difficult to get a table for two.



While my wife and I will cruise in 2017, we will be more selective on which ships we travel on, but there are days I long for the good old days.


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